Amazon Parrots originate from South America. In their natural habitats, these sociable birds are often seen in flocks or family groups.
These loyal, affectionate and fun-loving parrots have grown to be one of the most popular companion birds around the world.
These parrots are very intelligent and playful; and they are in demand for their excellent mimicking abilities in particular, including the ability of some of them to sing quite beautifully with exceptionally clear voices. As is the always the case with parrots - the mimicking ability between the species and even within a species will vary greatly.

However, the other side of the coin is that they are also high-maintenance and need (and deserve) devoted owners who are willing to provide safe and FUN environments with lots of entertainment for their feathered family member(s).

Blue-Fronted Amazon

The blue-fronted amazon, also called the turquoise-fronted amazon and blue-fronted parrot, is a South American species of amazon parrot and one of the most common amazon parrots kept in captivity as a pet or companion parrot.

Double Yellow headed Amazon

The Double Yellow-headed Amazon Amazona oratrix, is an extremely intelligent, attractive and entertaining parrot. Also known as the Yellow-headed Amazon and Yellow-headed Parrot.

Lilac-Crowned Amazon

The lilac-crowned amazon is a parrot endemic to the Pacific slopes of Mexico. Also known as Finsch's amazon, the parrot is characterized by green plumage, a maroon forehead, and violet-blue crown


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