Emu Facts

EMU (pronounced ee-mews), native to Australia, are the world's second-largest living members of the ratite (ra-tight) family of flightless birds. Others include the ostrich from Africa, rhea (ree-uh) from South America, cassowary (cas-o-werry) from Australia and New Guinea and kiwi (kee-wee), from new Zealand.
EMU were originally imported to the United States from 1930 to 1950 as exotic zoo stock. In 1960, the EMU was designated Australia's national bird, and an Australian government ban on exporting the EMU has been in effect for over 30 years.
The expanding EMU inventory in the United States is domestically bred.  As research and sharing of knowledge increase, the American EMU is emerging as the industry standard. The American breeder market is vigorous and can be made profitable for small and large participants.
EMU are curious and docile, They are about 10 inches tall at birth, with black and white stripes. As 3 month old chicks, they turn nearly solid black and change into a tan, brown and black mixture as adults, some having a bluish neck. The feathers are downy, with no stiff vein running through the center.
The mature EMU is 5 to 6 feet tall and normally weighs 90 to 140 pounds. Flightless, they are strong runners and reach ground speeds of up to 40 miles per hour in short bursts, covering about nine feet in stride.
EMU adapt well from temperature extremes in excess of 100 degrees to below zero. No diseases have yet been diagnosed as common to the species. They can exist on a simple diet and require a lot of water, drinking 2 to 4 gallons daily. They also will play in water or mud.

The EMU hen can be productive for 25 to 35 years or more and may lay 20 to 50 eggs in a season. A hen may lay as early as 18 months, but normally laying begins at 2 to 3 years old.

Emu Eggs

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