Testimonial from Customers

" After much searching in Pet Centres & searching the internet for a hand reared Cockatoo Parrot, we finally found 'David'.
David owns parrotshome4life and hand rears her baby parrots from day one! He has them in his house living amongst his family, including four young children, finding Paul was a dream come true as I knew exactly what I wanted, as I also have young children in the house and needed a Parrot that was good with all ages and friendly towards every one (unlike my mother�s!!).
After speaking to David on the phone we arranged for me to go and meet the baby parrots,He asked me to make a deposit upon arrival to ensure that the parrot will be there for me,which I did and he was really helpful and full of advice for me, when I walked into his lounge there were five 15wk old Amazon sitting on top of the cage,9 African grey and 4 Cockatoo I was in my element, David pointed out the Parrot he thought might suit me, he was sweet though a little shy of me, but there was one Baby Blue -fronted that was looking at me showing me lots of interest, (like 'who is this man?.. do I like the look of him..?) so I went over and spoke to him, I was smitten.. It was love at first sight for him and me!!
The Parrot travelled home with me sitting on my shoulder all the way " I WAS DRIVING!!" his name is 'Doogle' We love him he loves us, and after only 2wks he is starting to talk, feel really lucky to have found David at the Parrots Home4life and cannot recommend her enough. "Felita Williams  (November 27, 2015 )

 "We got Leia our Hahn's Macaw from parrotshome4life and we couldn't be any happier with our purchase. Elena and Jeremy take such good care of their babies and did such a great job socializing our sweet girl. We plan to purchase from them again."
Joseph Morane (December 5, 2015 )

 "We got Artou, our Congo African Grey from parrotshome4life . We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect girl. She is simply amazing, she was so well socialized that the transition into our home was seamless. We loved being able to pick her out and all the visits while she was growing. While at the time I was impatient to get her home, I really appreciate that Scott and Jeremy felt she would benefit staying an extra week from when her 2 other clutch mates left. That to me, shows that this isn’t just a “business” for them, but they really truly love and care for each of the birds they raise and they want the best for them as well. I highly recommend going through parrotshome4life , they raise amazing babies!"
Cynthia Aaron (November 20, 2015 -parrot home Facebook)

"Parrotshome4life has been there for us and our birds since day one! I recommend them for anyone thinking about getting their first or fifth parrot! Love these people!"

 Lux Maldonado (November 11, 2015 -Parrot home Facebook)

"Parrotshome4life is the only place to find a new feathered friend! I recently adopted a baby Senegal Parrot from Scott and Jeremy and he is a precious little gift in my life. Binx is a healthy, vibrant, hilarious clown and I am grateful to have found people who understand and love birds deeply. I would recommend their birds to anyone interested in parrots as pets; I feel even more confident knowing I can contact them at any time if I have questions."
 Julia Thornton (March 4, 2016 -  Facebook)

 "Our two baby sun conures had been lovingly hand raised in a caring and trusting home by Scott and Jeremy, who are amazing. We can't thank them enough for bringing us together with our little new fids and all the new-parent knowledge they imparted."
Ramesh Bangelore (March 9, 2016)

 "If you're looking for a feathered life companion, Parrothome4life is where you would wanna go to find one. They help you decide which particular species best suits your life style, give you step by step care instructions, and let you have part in the hand raising process! Scott and Jeremy will work side by side with you to make sure you get the best experience possible. I chose a male Solomon Island Eclectus. I love my little Leonard. He is amazing and so sweet!"
 Shelby Gleim (March 11, 2016  )

"Parrothome4life definitely lives up to their reviews. They provided some of the best customer service I've seen in a very long time. Unfortunately they ran into an issue that was out of their control, and they did everything possible to ensure we were not impacted. The issue was resolved quickly and we ended up with the sweetest little CAG.Their birds are well socialized and they have a very warm family feel to their place. You can tell all the birds there are loved and very well taken care of. A bonus is you can handle the birds they have there, and if you've never held 4 CAG's at the same time, I strongly recommend it!We will be going back to see Scott and Jeremy when we are ready for our Macaw, they had a couple of nicest, well mannered Greenwing's I've come across.
All in all, we can't say enough great things about our experience with Parrothome4life and look forward to staying in touch with them."
Erikn Anna (Mar 10, 2016 - Merchant Circle)

 "I am so glad to have found Parrothome4life. I knew I didn't want to buy from a pet shop and what they do there is so great. You get to visit your baby while it is growing up. They really take good care of them and can tell they love what they do. I got my sweet baby last week and I know when I am ready to add to my family it will be from them again. Anyone in the WA area should check out Parrothome4life for their feathered family member. Thanks so much for my sweet Loretta."
 Kathy (March. 21, 2014

"I wanted to buy the best bird from the best organization I could find. My experience with Beaker's was way beyond my expectations. It is rare to find the care and commitment they demonstrate toward first their little charges but also their customers. I would highly recommend Beaker's to anyone serious about owning a parrot. Their online store is top notch also. I was sent home with a very thorough information packet that was thoughtfully put together to help me care for my parrot properly."
Bill Edmonds (April  3, 2016)

 "I buy the best from the best - In need of a companion parrot, I searched for the best breeder available to me to make a very important purchase. Parrothome4life proved to be far better than I had even anticipated from my research. They were kind, caring and competent in providing the best socialization environment to produce parrots that have the best chance of integrating successfully into a home environment. I was impressed with the wealth of information they imparted to me, not only verbally, but also with the information package that was sent home with the parrot. Their online store is really a great source of quality products that have been time tested. I could not have been happier with the entire process of purchasing my parrot. I would recommend them to anybody serious about purchasing a parrot. I look forward to being a customer for life."
 William Dye (April 15, 2016)

"2 happy parrots and 2 VERY happy owners - I had promised my best friend a Congo African Grey for her birthday, and found Parrothome4life when I did some searching for places that sold hand raised parrots in Washington. After talking to Scott, who was so nice, I knew this was the place to get her baby! Originally, I was going to live vicariously through my friend, but fell in love with the babies, and especially Pyewacket (what my friend, Gina, named her girl CAG) that I decided to get one of my own, but the more chill Timneh Grey, since I live in an apartment. Well, Kie has been home with me for 4 days and he is just a doll! Both of the fids (feathered kids) that we got from Scott and Jeremy were healthy, happy, and well socialized, and all of the information they supply to keeping your fid that way is awesome! Couldn't ask for anything more! Thanks again, Scott and Jeremy! :D Kari C."
Jerry (April 19, 2016)

Thanks for the prompt and on time delivery,my daughters were so happy with the African grey and they have started saying a few words already.
  Mark Anthony (July. 21, 2016)

Good day David,Those eggs were good but out of the 7 eggs you sent 6 of them was able to hatch and one didn't hatch. I'm glad to hand raise my own babies.Thanks to you guys

Brenda Cardoso (July 30,2016)

Anyone, considering ordering birds from Parrotshome4life will not be disappointed. They have a lot of information about the birds they sell.Their fast service, and wonderful personality is unbeatable!!!

Lucinda Jolly - Brandywine, Maryland (7/26/2016)

Bought birds from parrotshome4life on 06/21/16. I have bought many birds over the past 6 years, and I have to say how wonderful their birds are. Wonderful condition, great feathering, very nice birds. It was wonderful doing business with David, he was always prompt to answer emails, return calls, and ship the birds. Birds were well packaged in a nice crate. Definitely recommend her highly. Birds are as described, Thanks David.

Phoenix,AZ (8/13/2016)


" While searching the net we came across David site (parrotshome4life)
David was the breeder we got our African grey Jack from after talking to him a few times online it went to phone calls. Although it was a total trip for us to drive over,he suggested that he will have them ship to us after we must have made payment for the parrot.At first I was scared but all that wipe out after there was a phone call to come and pickup the parrot at the airport.
LittleRock,AR (9/05/2016)



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